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Eileen Clark


My name is Eileen Clark. I was born and raised on Long Island. I caught the photography bug in my senior year of high school only to put it on hold when I was unable to get a seat in a photography class. It would be well into my adulthood before I picked up the camera, and although I had no formal training photography felt familiar and came naturally to me. About 12 years ago, I was inspired to start a jewelry/photography business, The Glass Mermaid, where I sold my matted/framed photographs and greeting cards. I also sold custom beach glass jewelry on my website, on etsy, at festivals and local gift shops in Port Jefferson and Westhampton Beach.

I use photography as a form of mindful meditation, to detach from the ego and connect with nature and the environment, to satisfy my creative urges, and of course to experience the pure enjoyment from it. For me, the act of taking photographs is transformative. It simultaneously transports me into the scene I am shooting, yet at the same time, I remain just an observer, secretly hiding behind my camera to "steal" the moment. I find there is a "beauty and the beast" quality to photography. To see the breathtaking beauty in the neglected, weathered, and worn, as well as discovering the inherent flaws in otherwise outward magnificence never ceases to fascinate and motivate me.

I am forever inspired by nature – the organic rawness, the infinite surprises, the reflections and dappling of the sun, shadows that fall to sleep onto the scape, rainfall, trees, animals, and bodies of water… I love wandering and discovering the discreet beauty of architectural lines, the stories that weathered and worn buildings have to tell and of course, the sweet setting of the sun.

I am grateful and honored for this platform to display my pieces. I hope you enjoy.



Beach Glass, Rock, Shell
White Bridge Summer Day

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